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Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop is a first-to-market franchise opportunity in a booming segment

Americans have an enormous appetite for sushi. Asian food, in particular, has been heralded by The Washington Post as “the fastest-growing food in the world.” In the United States, sushi is now a $3 billion industry, according to IBISWorld, and now is such a mainstream part of our daily lives that Mental Floss describes sushi as “almost as American as going out for a beer and a pizza.”(1)

The de and for sushi and other ethnic cuisine is clearly on the rise; the evidence is all around us. The number of businesses in the sushi restaurant sector in the United States fluctuated over the past decade. In 2022, the number of businesses in this sector reached 18,703. What is strangely missing from this rapidly growing food genre is a national brand that makes sushi available in the fast-casual, high-end and affordable settings that consumers are used to visiting for lunch and dinner meals.

Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop chef making sushi

Enter Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop franchise. Known as Sushi Shop™ in Canada, where our brand has grown to more than 150 locations, Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop is a first-to-market franchise opportunity that intends to transform the way Americans think about and consume sushi.

Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop is far different from the way Americans experience sushi today. Far beyond the traditional rolls that Americans are used to getting, Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop has elevated sushi into a genre-bending art form that is as affordable in terms of cost as other fast-casual concepts. Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop seeks to expand the reach of sushi by giving consumers unique and playful creations such as Sushi Tacos, Sushi Burgers and our own wide array of rolls that innovate on traditional sushi flavor profiles and elevate the aesthetic beauty of sushi.

Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop franchise Sushi Burritos

“Sushi is now part of mainstream culture, and Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop is an opportunity to get in on a first-to-market concept that we haven’t seen in the United States,” says Marc Benzacar, Senior Vice President with Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop. “We’re not a traditional sushi restaurant. We have our own approach to Japanese cuisine. While you can see a California roll anywhere, our sushi looks and tastes different than anything else. Our products are extremely original. That’s a key differentiator for us, and it is why we’ve been able to become as popular as we have in Canada.”

Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop franchisees have access to multiple revenue streams

While being new and different is a tremendous asset in terms of immediately establishing a brand identity, our franchisees benefit from multiple revenue streams.

Innovative menu appeals to customers of all eating habits and dietary preferences

Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop is the rare brand that can cater to the most experienced sushi connoisseur and to those who have never tried sushi. We have menu items that appeal to health-conscious people, vegetarians, vegans and more.

We offer far more than sushi

For customers who dislike sushi, or crave something else, we have products that will meet their needs. We are one of the largest seller of Poke bowls in Canada, and we also offer a variety of sushi burgers, salads and more. For customers who aren’t in the mood for fish, we offer plenty of options that feature chicken and plenty of vegetarian options, as well.

Customers have a grab-n-go option

Though we have plenty of seating available so customers can enjoy the zen-like atmosphere of the restaurants, we understand that many customers are in a hurry. To accommodate those who are crunched for time, we have a grab-n-go option, which features many of our products, packaged fresh.


Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop franchisees have access to an important revenue stream of catering parties and events. Our brand’s aesthetically pleasing, deliciously satisfying catering options are unique and affordable for consumers, while also potentially lucrative for our franchisees.

Third-party delivery

The rise of mobile third-party delivery apps such as Uber Eats® and Postmates® has revolutionized the food industry. Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop helps ensure that your restaurant will be available for those customers who simply want their unique sushi experience without leaving their homes.

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(1)Mental Floss, “A Brief History of Sushi History in the United States”

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