Ginger Sushi Franchise Features Flexible, Small Footprint

Low entry costs helping spur growth of launch genre-bending restaurant concept

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Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop™ franchise’s low entry cost and small footprint are catching on in the United States. That’s not surprising, since both are the result of a proven business model that’s helped grow this genre-bending sushi brand all across Canada (where the brand is known as Sushi Shop) as well as set the stage for a U.S. rollout.

The initial U.S. franchises are opening in Texas, New Jersey and North Carolina, and are just the beginning of an aggressive domestic expansion. There is prime territory available in choice markets nationwide. With pent-up demand and a growing $3 billion sushi industry as a backdrop, Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop is actively seeking entrepreneurs with a passion for sushi, for leading a team and for being on the cutting edge by introducing an exciting new concept to their communities.

In-line store, food court concepts are less costly and faster to build

Opening a restaurant can be daunting, but the Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop concept’s ease and low cost at launch appeal to entrepreneurs new to the restaurant industry. The restaurant model works well in locations favorable to quick-casual concepts: large shopping centers, mall and food court locations, and busy residential-business areas. This eliminates the cost expenditure of purchasing land or property and the related time-consuming steps and processes such as obtaining permits or contracts.

These types of restaurant models also are significantly less expensive to develop than other QSR concepts and faster to build, which appeals to entrepreneurs with a passion for sushi and business ownership, but not necessarily prior restaurant experience.

Franchise owners tout brand’s unique opportunity and appeal

Take Montreal owner Ouri Ezerzer, a former accountant. “I decided to invest in Sushi Shop because I was looking for more than working behind a cubicle,” says Ezerzer. “I would recommend Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop to entrepreneurs who are passionate about sushi, passionate about preparing the food and who like working with people. Sushi is becoming increasingly popular, and there is certainly demand for a brand like Ginger Sushi. There is nothing like it in the United States.”

Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop is bringing this proven concept to the United States, where sushi is a $3 billion annual industry that continues to grow. We’re actively seeking entrepreneurs with a passion for sushi, for leading a team and for taking a meaningful role in their communities to join us as we rapidly expand across the nation.

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