Why Ginger Sushi Boutique Franchise is Changing the Sushi Landscape

Americans in growing numbers love sushi and now a proven sushi franchise is ready to give Americans a new way to experience sushi

Sushi, the cuisine that Japanese culture has developed over hundreds of years, is now global phenomenon with an especially strong following in the United States. The reasons for sushi’s rise in the United States is due in part to how the internet and travel food shows such as Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations has expanded the American palette to become more diverse, more adventurous and more curious about the rest of the world.

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This adventurous sensibility is a great thing for food lovers. In the U.S., sushi is now a $3 billion industry, and is now American diners’ favorite seafood, according to SeaFood Source. While the sushi that Americans get on a daily basis is far from the traditional sushi served in Japan, Paste magazine put it perfectly in an article titled, “How Sushi Became an American Institution,” reporting.

“But Americans don’t seem to mind, and now enjoy sushi everywhere imaginable, from fine dining establishments to the airport,” the magazine states. “Menus range from traditional sashimi to conveyer belts loaded with deep-fried rolls stuffed with steak. Sushi has transformed into a new American food medium, and even if it often deviates from its roots, it is still a perfectly portable meal that’s open to creativity and enjoyed by food lovers everywhere.”

Ginger Sushi Boutique is the end of sameness

While sushi is available everywhere from airports to baseball stadiums to grocery stores and beyond, the type of sushi that is available has become uniform, expected, and if we’re being honest — a little boring.

In Canada, where our brand is known as Sushi Shop™, we succeeded in disrupting and revolutionizing the sushi segment by innovating on tradition — creating something that is both uniquely our own and entirely new. As a result, our brand has grown to more than 150 locations in Canada, where the brand is a part of daily life for thousands of people. It is our goal to replicate that growth in the US by providing a concept that is radically different from American sushi restaurants and that delivers sushi in the adventurous and playful fashion that Americans love.

Our brand’s radically different approach to sushi is part of our plan to make it more accessible to more people than ever before. By blending traditional sushi with more accessible food genres, our chef-inspired menu is full of innovative, original creations that excite the most devoted sushi fanatics and appeal to sushi newbies. We cater to every lifestyle, offering sushi pizza, sushi burritos, as well as our own creative rolls that are as far from the traditional rolls as you can possibly imagine. We also offer other fresh and flavorful items, such as Poke Bowls, and we are one of the largest sellers of Poke bowls in Canada because our approach is entirely different. Our brand’s chefs have created delicious variations on the Poke bowl, including dishes featuring chicken, and also vegetarian bowls.

Click here to watch a video of how our food makes Ginger Sushi Boutique stand out in a rapidly growing market.

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