Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop Franchise Benefits from Exceptional Corporate Support

Rising poke shop franchise is strengthened by the full support of one of the largest franchisors in the world

Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop™ might be brand new to the United States, but franchisees of the fast-growing sushi and poke shop franchise have one thing behind them that other new QSR restaurants do not: the full support of a franchise giant.

In fact, Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop isn’t new. Known as Sushi Shop™ in Canada, where the brand has grown to over 150 locations and is one of the country’s most beloved sushi brands, Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop is a proven business model built on nearly 20 years of continued innovation, an exceptional customer experience, and the tremendous support Kahala Brands™ and the MTY Group™ provide.

Poke Shop franchise image of the Coaticook Quebec team

As two of the largest franchisors in the world, Kahala Brands and MTY Group specialize in growing restaurant concepts. With over 60 brands and more than 5,500 restaurants across the globe, including Cold Stone Creamery, Pinkberry and more, Kahala Brands and MTY Group know exactly what it takes to help franchisees.

A recent QSR magazine article, “At Kahala, It’s 28 Brands, One Unified Mission,” documents the industry-leading support franchisees receive. 

“We’re constantly sharing best practices that others can implement, constantly looking at ways we can help our franchisees improve their service levels, hospitality in restaurants, operations, or anything the guest experiences, because that will have an impact on our franchisees and the brands themselves,” says John Wuycheck, SVP of Franchise Development with Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop in the article. “There are proven recipes we’ve learned work well, and we know we can assist people in growing their business.”

What Types of Support Do Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop Franchise Owners Receive?

Most owners with Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop had zero experience in a sushi restaurant before franchising with us. The truth is, you don’t need to be a master sushi chef to become a Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop franchisee.

All of our franchisees can masterfully prepare and serve each of the items on our diverse and innovative menu. Like them, you will be sent to an operating restaurant for four weeks of immersive training. You will achieve expertise in preparing and serving our products, including learning how to hand-roll our sushi. You will work in every role in the restaurant — greeting customers, using the POS system, taking inventory and managing a crew. By the end of your training experience, you will be ready to open your restaurant.

You don’t have to be a marketing expert either. One of the perks of franchising with Kahala Brands and MTY Group is that it comes with an in-house marketing and public relations team, which will potentially reduce the expense of promoting your business, and can also reduce the stress level generated by marketing a business on your own, as our team provides extensive, ongoing marketing support.

“I was in international logistics trade law before I decided to franchise with Sushi Shop,” says Jimmy Bean, owner of a Sushi Shop in Alexis Nihon, Montreal. “There’s a phenomenal support infrastructure within the franchise that allows you to master this business. In the United States market, there is nothing like Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop. You can start on day one and hit a home run because this is a business model that is easy to understand, and it is easy for your customers to understand. It’s a win-win.”

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