Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop: A Different Kind of Sushi Franchise

Our business opportunity stands out, thanks to support from global franchising experts Kahala Brands and MTY Food Group and to an innovative menu where sushi is an art

There are many sushi and poke bowl franchises in the U.S., but none of them has captured the public’s attention. Why? The majority serve the same predictable sushi you can pick up at the supermarket, prepackaged and mass-produced.

Enter Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop™, a unique investment opportunity that is a first-to-market concept that has been wildly successful for more than two decades in Canada as Sushi Shop™. While all sushi franchises offer some level of support, none of the others has the support that comes with having the backing of two of the world’s largest franchisors: Kahala Brands™ and MTY Food Group™.

Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop may be new to the United States market, but its proven business model helped Sushi Shop grow to more than 150 locations. As one of Canada’s largest sushi franchises, with millions of devoted fans, we helped dozens of entrepreneurs open a sushi business that is straightforward to manage, easy to scale and quick to become a dynamic part of the communities we serve.

Ginger Sushi Boutique now is bringing this proven concept to the United States, where sushi is a $3 billion annual industry that continues to grow. We’re actively seeking entrepreneurs with a passion for sushi, for leading a team and for taking a meaningful role in their communities to join us as we rapidly expand across the nation.

“We have been quite successful in Canada, and that’s because we’re not your run-of-the-mill sushi or poke bowl shop,” says Marc Benzacar, Senior Vice President with Sushi Shop. “We are better in terms of quality food offerings, and everything about our concept is original to us. We have unique creations constructed by highly trained chefs who have been with us from the very beginning. We work every day to innovate and create things you likely won’t find anywhere else.”

Ginger Sushi Header imageSushi franchise opportunity provides owners with robust training and support

One of the perks of becoming a Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop franchisee is that you will have the support of both Kahala Brands and MTY Group, two global franchise powerhouses who own approximately 60 brands and have franchises more than 5,500 locations in nearly 30 countries. A franchisor of this size comes with an in-house marketing and public relations team, which will potentially reduce the expense of promoting your business. This also can reduce the stress level generated by marketing a business on your own, as our team provides extensive, ongoing marketing support.

While the majority of our franchisees were passionate about sushi, few had ever actually made and prepared this Asian delicacy before they joined our brand. “I was in international logistics trade law before I decided to franchise with Sushi Shop,” says Jimmy Bean, owner of a Sushi Shop in Alexis Nihon, Montreal. “There’s a phenomenal support infrastructure within the franchise that allows you to master this business. In the United States market, there is nothing like Ginger Sushi Boutique. You can start on day one and hit a home run because this is a business model that is easy to understand, and it is easy for your customers to understand. It’s a win-win.”

When franchisees join the Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop team they emerge from our intensive training ready to masterfully prepare and serve all of the items on our diverse and innovative menu. As part of the onboarding process you’ll spend four weeks at an operating restaurant for completely immersive training. You will become an expert in preparing and serving our products, including learning how to hand-roll our sushi. Additionally, you will know the ins and outs of daily operations, working in every role in the restaurant — from greeting customers and using the POS system to taking inventory and managing a crew. By the end of your training experience, you will be ready to successfully launch your Ginger Sushi + Poke Shop.

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