Ginger Sushi Boutique Named a Top Food and Restaurant Franchise Opportunity for 2018

‘Entrepreneur’ magazine names fast-growing sushi franchise as a top investment opportunity on prestigious annual list

There are hundreds of food and restaurant franchise systems in the United States — but not all of them are equal. To help entrepreneurs determine which franchise brands are the wisest investments, Entrepreneur magazine published “The Top Food and Restaurant Franchises of 2018.” Ginger Sushi Boutique™ ranks high on the list.

The annual ranking system is a comprehensive, multivariable analysis that measures what brands are the wisest investments based on several key metrics.

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“These rankings are based on the score each company received when evaluated by our Franchise 500® formula,” the publication writes, “which considers more than 150 data points in the areas of costs and fees, size and growth, franchisee support, brand strength and financial strength and stability.”

Based on the formula outlined above, Ginger Sushi Boutique was ranked as the No. 6 franchise opportunity in the rapidly growing Asian food segment. Ginger Sushi Boutique is one of the most revolutionary concepts of all the Top 200 franchises listed — and in the $3 billion sushi industry, no other brand is capable of transforming American sushi culture quite like Ginger Sushi Boutique.

While new to the United States, Ginger Sushi Boutique is a time-tested and proven brand in Canada, where is it known as Sushi ShopTM. In 18 years of business, the brand has grown to more than 150 locations in Canada, where the innovative, playful and wildly inventive menu has won the brand thousands of fans and introduced a new way of thinking of enjoying sushi into the culture. In the United States, where the sushi landscape is a world of sameness, Ginger Sushi Boutique represents a chance for entrepreneurs to disrupt the traditional sushi experience in a low-cost investment model that has the full support of Kahala BrandsTM and MTY GroupTM, well-known franchisors in the industry.

“We’re extremely honored to be named as a Top Food and Restaurant Franchise for 2018 by Entrepreneur magazine,” says Marc Benzacar, Senior Vice President. “We’re excited about the wide-open growth potential of the U.S. market, and we anticipate opening hundreds of locations in the coming years.”

What makes Ginger Sushi Boutique a Top Food & Restaurant Franchise?

Think about the last time you went into a sushi restaurant. Did the rolls look any different from the ones you could get in your local supermarket or airport kiosk? This bland, derivative world of sushi is finally becoming more adventurous thanks to Ginger Sushi Boutique.

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Our menu goes far beyond the traditional and cliche California rolls with our own creations, which seek to blend art with new and exciting flavor profiles. The Blossom Collection™ artfully shapes rolls such as our Teriyaki Salmon and Salmon Truffle into bursting petal designs. The Temari Collection literally rolls exciting flavor profiles such as Tuna Tataki and Crispy Lobster into delicious, bite-sized balls.

Far more than sushi: Ginger Sushi Boutique offers such genre-bending products such as Sushi Pizza, Sushi Burritos, Sushi Tacos and more. The ability to offer products that consumers cannot get anywhere else, at a price point that is competitive with other QSR lunch and dinner meals, is a tremendous advantage and key differentiator for our brand.

More importantly, you don’t need to have any prior experience as a sushi chef or the restaurant industry to franchise with Ginger Sushi Boutique.

We provide an intensive four weeks of training at one of the brand’s operating restaurants, where we teach you how to expertly prepare and serve our brand’s products. While you’re in the restaurant, you will also work in every role and learn every aspect of how to manage your Ginger Sushi Boutique business: how to take inventory, how to greet customers, and how to lead your crew. This training will help you find the confidence you need to own and run a business.

To further illustrate this point, watch this short clip of how Oury Ezerzer, a multi-unit franchise owner in Canada, went from the IT industry to owning and operating two restaurants in Montreal:

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