Ginger Sushi Boutique Is Ready to Become Nation’s Premier Sushi Franchise

The fast-growing sushi franchise stands out in a segment with little competition from other sushi concepts

Americans love sushi, and though sushi is now a $3 billion industry* in the United States, it remains a vastly underserved market segment. Ginger Sushi Boutique™ is ready to become the first nationally recognized sushi franchise in the United States.

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Sushi is regularly the star of television shows and acclaimed food documentaries.  Every publication from The New York Times, Vice, The Atlantic and beyond have dedicated pages upon pages to covering sushi from every conceivable angle. It’s available in supermarkets, airports and baseball stadiums. However, there are only 4,000 sushi restaurants in the United States. This is a strikingly low number for what Seafood Source reports is America’s favorite seafood.

While several sushi concepts have emerged over the past decade, none has won the public’s imagination and loyalty in the way that Ginger Sushi Boutique has in Canada, where the brand is known as Sushi Shop™.

Founded in 2000 in Montreal, Sushi Shop has grown to 150 locations. Our food takes the tradition of sushi and infuses it with a sense of adventure and multi-cultural playfulness that truly resonates with a 21st-century audience that has grown up on the internet.

“We strive to be different, and we have a unique vision of what sushi can be,” says Marc Benzacar, Senior Vice President with Sushi Shop. “We don’t just do the common rolls, we do rolls our way — and it’s an art. When you step into one of our franchisee’s restaurants, you immediately see how artistic our rolls look. Once you taste them, you’re hooked. We deliver all of the artisanal quality of high-end sushi, and we deliver it at an affordable price. This is why fans are so happy with us, and it’s why business took off so quickly in Canada.”

Ginger Sushi Boutique is franchising in the United States
for the first time

Ginger Sushi Boutique is ready to capitalize on its enormous success in Canada by franchising the concept in the United States, where the sense of adventure we bring to sushi is poised to make us the nation’s first name-brand sushi concept.

Click here to watch a video of how our food makes Ginger Sushi Boutique stand out in a rapidly growing market.

Ginger Sushi Boutique has a proven track record for nearly 20 years; we have helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of opening their own sushi businesses, which is a tremendous differentiator. Backed by two of largest franchisors in the world, Kahala Brands™ and MTY Food Group™, Ginger Sushi Boutique offers exceptional training, ongoing marketing support, and a commitment to the bold, fresh flavors that customers crave.

“Sushi has an incredible following in the United States,” says John Wuycheck, Senior Vice President of Franchise Development with Ginger Sushi. “With sushi, you’re in a market not everyone is in. Ginger Sushi Boutique offers an incredible product, incredible training and incredible design. All of that makes for a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs who are passionate about sushi in the United States. This is a brand an entrepreneur can take pride in.”

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