Ginger Sushi Boutique Franchise Review: Oury Ezerzer

Sushi Shop franchise owner opens up about his experience in business and why Ginger Sushi Boutique is poised to expand in the U.S.

How can it be that the $3 billion American sushi industry is booming and boring at the exact same time? The answer comes down to uniformity: while the experience and ambience might be more enjoyable at a high-end sushi restaurant, when your rolls arrive at your table they will look much the same as the rolls you can get at your local supermarket. Ginger Sushi Boutique™ is changing all that by providing a sense of adventure, playfulness and convenience to the American sushi lover.

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While new to the United States, Ginger Sushi Boutique is known as Sushi Shop™ in Canada, where it has become one of the largest sushi brands — with more than 150 locations across the country. The brand has become beloved for infusing sushi culture with an innovative, genre-bending sensibility. Where else can you get Sushi Pizza, Sushi Burritos and Sushi Tacos, as well as the sophisticated Blossom Collection™, which artfully shapes rolls such as our Teriyaki Salmon and Salmon Truffle into bursting petal designs. Beyond sushi, the rest of the menu is bursting with the same spirit of joy, such as in the brand’s Poke Bowls, which provide an easier way for sushi newbies to expand their horizons.

The experience has inspired some loyal customers to become franchise owners. For Oury Ezerzer, who owns two Sushi Shop franchise locations in Montreal, Canada, his experience as a customer dining out at Sushi Shop once a week with his wife convinced him that this was the business opportunity that would allow him to trade his cubicle for a life as a business owner.

“I decided to invest in Sushi Shop because I was looking for more than working in a cubicle,” Ezerzer says. “I was working as an accountant, and once a week my wife and I would go to Sushi Shop to eat. When the idea came up that I should open my own business, I knew I wanted to invest in this business.”

Ezerzer’s experience as an accountant and an actor have very little to do with creating high-end, artistic sushi rolls. This is the beauty of the Ginger Sushi Boutique franchise model — you don’t have to have any experience as a sushi chef to franchise with the brand. Like Ezerzer, you will be sent to an operating restaurant for four weeks of immersive training. You will achieve expertise in how to prepare and serve our products, including learning how to hand-roll our brand’s sushi. You will work in every role in the restaurant — you will learn how to greet customers, how to use the POS system, how to take inventory and how to manage a crew. By the end of your training experience, you will be ready to open your restaurant.

“My training experience was very good; they prepare you very well before you open your own business,” he says. “I would recommend Ginger Sushi Boutique to entrepreneurs who are passionate about sushi, passionate about preparing the food and who like working with people. Sushi is becoming increasingly popular, and there is certainly demand for a brand like Ginger Sushi Boutique. There is nothing like Ginger Sushi Boutique in the United States.”

To learn more about Ezerzer’s journey from an accountant stuck in a cubicle to a multi-unit franchise owner, watch the video below:

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